Hi everyone, long time no see.

It was a busy 6 months I had in Kota Bharu. Anyway, if you're not in the light, you should be aware that Nokia and Microsoft ("the two turkeys") have just teamed up to go big time challenging Apple and Google, creating a 'three-horse race' (sorry RIM and HP). With this announcement, I guess we all who love Symbian will have to give up eventually (approx. after 2012) and move to WP. With this I've decided to move my blog to wordpress.com, which happened to be in partnership with the evil Microsoft to host all the latter's spaces.

The link

Hope to see you over there! Hope that I can update more frequently too.


I have just received my KKM placement of the year: Kelantan.

Hope to update after I get to Kelantan. Some people may cry because they got Kelantan. In fact, the grumpy uncle HA who handled my body check also got softened when he heard that I am going to Kelantan. swt. Not very sure why. But I definitely look forward to going to serve in the Malay heartland for different experiences.

Hope to see you soon.

Windows Live Skydrive 2010 & Why a PC user should have one

After facing fierce competitions from especially Apple's Mac OS X, Microsoft launched several features a few years ago to make up for Windows' weaknesses. Windows Live Essentials was born then. Most of these apps were launched as counterparts to Apple's iLife suite, which comes with any Mac purchased. Some of the apps include Windows Live Messenger (iChat), Windows Live Photo Gallery (iPhoto), Windows Live Mail (Apple Mail), and Windows Live Movie Maker (iMovie). However, there is one thing in the package which has no free counterpart in Mac, and it is the Skydrive.

Windows Live Skydrive

Skydrive is a free storage provided by Microsoft, giving a user up to 25GB of cloud storage. Each file upload, however, is limited to 50mb, meaning each individual file you upload should not exceed 50mb at the moment. 50mb is actually a comfortable size for backups of documents, musics, and pictures, because these files rarely even reach 50mb in size. Therefore, it is a great choice of online backup.

You can also use skydrive to store important documents that you want to access anywhere. For example, an important presentation, an important document which you wish to look and edit when you're not in front of your PC. From my experience Skydrive has little downtime, meaning it should be there most of the time when you need it. You can also make files private, away from those prying eyes, make files available to friends only, or simply public for everyone.

Sharing pictures on Skydrive

Picture sharing is also available on Skydrive. Most Malaysians use Facebook instead of Microsoft's MySpace for social networking, but the quality of pictures in Facebook is plain horrible. To say it really, it is meant for just browsing, more like a preview. And the most important thing is that most pictures without people usually don't get uploaded to Facebook, simply because there're no people in it (note: Social Networking). With the massive amount of storage in Skydrive, you can easily upload original sized pictures to Skydrive, and later share it with friends of your choice or just make it public. Viewers can even download files as .zip archive.

Massive uploading is also very easy now, thanks to Siverlight. Just use any browser to go to skydrive and upload files, you will be able to drag and drop files into the box provided in the page, with Silverlight installed in your PC or Mac.
The Silverlight Uploader for Skydrive on any browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

That said, there are also quite a few weaknesses in it too. For instance, user cannot upload folder to Skydrive; they must select files. Folder management in Skydrive is also highly uncomfortable, and it hasn't been changed since its inception. Viewing Skydrive on mobile is also a PITA, as it gets unresponsive sometimes (Tried on a Nokia Symbian and iPhone before). However, it is a very useful place for online backups of your documents and files which you wish to access anywhere with Internet.

Life @ 12/6/10

It has been busy for me.

Lots of things were done since a month ago, and although I still get rest, tiredness still set in quickly.

World Cup fever is going on, but don't expect me to catch any action unless Germany, Spain, England and Brazil are playing or 16 team onwards LOL.

The iPhone 4 has also been launched a few days back, featuring a big leap for iPhone, although not very much if compared to the competition. Of course I must say the Apple A4, 960x640 screen, internet speed and design are all very great, but the single LED flash is bound to suck, and FaceTime, if only available via WiFi & iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only in Malaysia, this means almost nobody is going to use it. However it is, it is still iPhone, means the focus is on the phone as a mobile computer. In this field the iPhone is truly great.
Screen shot 2010-06-12 at 8.31.25 PM.png

Lets await the battle between Nokia N8 (If they don't fail it), HTC EVO and the iPhone 4G. This surely is a very interesting summer.


A recent dispute in statistics between a federal minister and the nation's Treasury has again reminded us on the importance and potency of statistics.

People may still remember another set of disputed statistics between a research institute and a federal agency causing an economics researcher to resign, a few years back. The moral of these stories is that statistics can always be misused and read differently. When people quote statistics, they should quote results from reliable sources, not just "according to statistics" or "according to poll". God knows any liar can create a poll or statistics in split second.

The dispute between the Treasury and the federal minister may go beyond statistics deep into politics, but whatever the reason is, both their 'statistics' methods and results should be evaluated further because we deserve to know the true amount of money involved.

Nokia N86’s v30 firmware

Nokia has released v30 firmware for the N86 device. I installed it and unfortunately it seems buggier than V21. T_T


Some of the problems I experienced were:

1. Laggy camera: the display on camera lags from time to time, even during video capture. Howevere there seem to be no effects on the actual recording though.


2. Dropped calls: I experienced dropped calls which has never happened before.


3. Random restarts: The phone now restarts very suddenly, especially during web-browsing T_T this totally sucks.


The firmware also claimed bugfixed email client, though I didn’t see any improvements in its speed.


Come on Nokia, you gotta do better than this.


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